Business English Courses

Business English

Our Business English courses give business professionals and jobseekers the skills they need to work,
travel and communicate with ease in the modern world of global commerce. These courses use a
wide range of authentic, multi-media content to build learners’ command of language needed in
today’s working environment. Through realistic class activities on a variety of stimulating topics,
learners develop the confidence they need to communicate effectively across cultures.
These courses are flexibly designed and based around key business skills, making the content
immediately useful to professionals from across the full range of today’s workplaces and industries.

Your course will include:

  • Intensive speaking practice in a range of business contexts: meetings, negotiations, interviews, presentations, project management etc
  • Real-life listening and reading content on a variety of business topics, developing your comprehension of professional communications in a stimulating and enjoyable way
  • Targeted individual feedback on your business communications: emails, presentations or report-writing
  • A structured and context-based approach to developing your ability to communicate accurately and effectively in work situations

Course Schedule

We have a course starting every 5 weeks in 2019. Why not enrol for 10 or 15 weeks. The start dates
for our part-time evening courses are:

Start Date Course Length
7th January 5 weeks
11th February 5 weeks
18th March 5 weeks
22nd April 5 weeks
27th May 5 weeks
1st July 5 weeks
5th August 5 weeks
9th September     5 weeks
14th October 5 weeks
18th November 5 weeks

Business English Evening Course (6 lessons)

Our Academic English Evening Course consists of 6 lessons per week on 2 evenings per week focussing on developing a range of key business language skills and vocabulary. Grow your confidence to work and communicate in an international environment. With the importance of English ever increasing in the workplace, this course will help you achieve your career development goals.

Course Price €225 for 5 weeks - Now a discounted price of €187.50

Course Details

Location  UCD Campus, Belfield
Minimum Age 18
Tuition  50 minutes per lesson
Levels  Intermediate to Advanced
Class Size Maximum 15, Average 12
Course Timetable 1830-2030 Monday & Wednesday
Course Start Dates 7th January, 11th February, 18th March, 22nd April, 27th May, 1st July, 5th August, 9th September, 14th October, 18th November

Course Includes

  • Coursebook
  • Modern classrooms with full multi-media facilities
  • Regular progress reports

Course Notes

There will be no classes on Bank Holidays. Courses not delivered due to Bank Holidays are not
recouped by the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

ELA is committed to a dynamic teaching environment ensuring a productive and successful learning experience for each student. The average number of students per class is 12 with a maximum of 15 students per class.

All ELA teachers are experienced, qualified and fully accredited and maintain the high level of excellence of University College Dublin (UCD).


Students will receive a UCD ELA Certificate of Completion.

You can apply online by clicking the ‘book now’ button UCE ELA Home Page


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