Summer General English Courses

General English

Our General English Course consists of 20 lessons per week from Monday to Friday focussing on developing the key language skills. Boost your confidence in social situations, international travel and everyday communication through intensive speaking practice which will expand your spoken repertoire and enhance your pronunciation.

  • Intensive speaking practice, expanding spoken vocabulary and improving fluency
  • Modern and effective listening and reading content on a variety of topics
  • Developing your comprehension skills in an enjoyable way
  • Targeted individual feedback on your written work
  • Structured, context-based approach to develop and use your grammatical knowledge
  • Access to additional online resources
20 academic hours €270 per week

Course Schedule 2020

  • 25 May 3 weeks
  • 15 June 2 weeks
  • 29 June 2 weeks
  • 13 July 2 weeks
  • 27 July 2 weeks
  • 10 August 2 weeks

General English + Listening and Speaking Extra

Choose our Listening and Speaking Extra afternoon extension course for more rapid progression. Study an additional 6 lessons on three afternoons per week. Based around a series of interesting topics, this course will give you the chance to put the language you know into action in an enjoyable setting. 

  • A range of interesting topics related to lifestyle, technology, people and culture  
  • Targeted work on developing fluency, pronunciation and clear communication
  • Development of listening comprehension skills in real-world contexts
  • Functional language for successfully interacting with native speakers
26 academic hours €360 per week

Course Schedule 2020

  • 25 May 3 weeks
  • 15 June 2 weeks
  • 29 June 2 weeks
  • 13 July 2 weeks
  • 27 July 2 weeks
  • 10 August 2 weeks

What students say....

"What I really loved about this course is the way teachers got us involved in class. We were constanty encouraged to describe and discuss different issues, making the environment both friendly and stimulating."

- Elena, Italy

General Information

Location UCD Campus, Belfield
Minimum Age 18
Tuition 50 minutes per lesson

Elementary to Advanced (General English) Intermediate to Advanced (IELTS Preparation)

Class Size Maximum 15, Average 12
Course Timetable

General English course:
0900-1300 Monday to Friday


General English + Listening and Speaking Extra:
0900-1300 Monday to Friday
1400-1600 Tuesday to Thursday

What's Included?

  • Coursebook
  • Student portal with access to online digital learning resources
  • Modern classrooms with full multi-media facilities
  • Regular progress reports
  • Exciting and varied Social Activity Programme

Course notes

There will be no classes on the following Bank Holidays: Monday 3 June and Monday 5 August 2020. On these dates classes will start on the following Tuesday.