Highly Experienced Qualified Teachers

At UCD ELA we pride ourselves in having some of the best teachers in the country.

Our teachers are all highly qualified and fully accredited. They are motivated, dynamic individuals who pride themselves on creating a fun, friendly atmosphere for you to get the most of your course.

Modern and Engaging Learning Resources

We are dedicated to providing the very best and most engaging English language resources.

Students love our high quality engaging teaching resources, and our teachers are dedicated to ensuring you get the best learning experience possible.


Students on Computers

World Class Teaching Spaces and Class Rooms

Our teaching facilities have been built with student engagement in mind.

Our teaching facilities have been built with student engagement in mind.

Our classroom layouts facilitate student-teacher interaction. This gives you the opportunity to participate fully in classroom debate and group project work with your fellow international students.

Our student areas and breakout rooms promote teamwork and group learning which helps build connection and friends while you study.

Student at Laptop

Online Resources

All your learning materials online 24/7

The availability of your learning resources online through our student portal will facilitate a more flexible approach to your learning. You can review your course materials at anytime from any location.


"I loved UCD from the minute I arrived. Everyone was so friendly and there was such a vibrant atmosphere around the campus. The staff were extremely helpful and made the course as interactive and engaging as possible."